Hope, Desire & Sobriety

Hope, desire & sobriety.

What is the promise of sobriety? In a word, Hope!  The glimpse of hope that we get may be the first thing in a long time to come around that let’s us know that this unmanageable life we are leading is really the figment of a delusion.  The real life is one that follows the laws of nature.  In humans that law of nature is two fold.  First and foremost it is desire and close behind is hope. Between desire and hope we have all the tools that we need to run a successful and smooth life. But, you ask, where in me can I find those prime elements?  

I think we first find it by looking out at someone that we respect and saying to ourselves.  I think I would like that for me.  When at first we desire to return to a kind of control over our lives it is important for us to witness hope and desire as having worked for someone else.  It is a kind of warranty.  If it worked for him or for her, it may work for me.

The desire is only located in extreme silence.  Not an easy trick for we who have been conducted by a diseased ego for most of our lives.  Silence is truly golden.  I am talking about the kind of silence where you hear nothing but a slight ringing in your ears, or the hush of tires on the pavement or the hum of the fridge.  Silence is clearing the mind for a simple moment.  One to ten seconds is all it takes to find the silence.  Then in a simple second the rush of thought flows back into our brain creating for us a kind of firewall against the instincts which dwell in the silence. We do not find the silence right away.  It may take several tries, or several days. It is much easier than it seems.  Then right there in that sacred place of silence we can discover an empty warehouse that is ours to fill with all the desires that are the gifts from the universe to humanity. The hope lies in the glimpse that we can allow ourselves to discover hope within and that allows us to desire,  really desire from the heart.  Seldom have I seen a person discover desire then fail. Desire: That is the promise of sobriety? Dr. A. L. Dussault Mindfulness in Psychoanalysis 401 447 5765


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