Desire as Strength of Character








Desire is a pretty strong indicator of our strength of character.

When we want something in an un-ambivalent manner the strength of the desire propels us in the direction of the want.  In this mode the unconscious is assisting the conscious mind to accomplish the desired out-come.

The outcome is the desired end, but the process is managed by our ability to recognize
negative emotions (in-relation to the desired out-come).  Once we recognize the fears
or the contradictions we are creating, we have an opportunity to shift our thought process–if we are still desiring the outcome we had been wishing for.
Desire unhampered by negation provides for all of our strength of character to mount
an effort toward the desired goal.  Fear that the goal will not be met syphons the positive
energy of the psychic movement.  This is not only selfish, it is also the stuff that heroes
are made of.
Once we let ourselves believe that our desires are not selfish anymore that our life is, we
can begin to want as much as we need and bring others along with us who are still
struggling with contradictions.
Let your self want in an unconditional manner and life will go your way–toward your
dr. albert dussault
mindfulness in psychoanalysis



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One response to “Desire as Strength of Character

  1. Geoff

    Amen! Learning to quiet the inner voices of negativity is a constant practice. Regulating the distance between yourself and external negative voices is another. Remembering that I have pulled myself out of the mud in past helps give me more confidence to stand up to each of these forces in the present.

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